Write ups – Valleys v Gatton

The u7s boys played a determined game today against the Gatton boys braving the fog and drizzle through the first games. Thankfully the weather improved for the 9.30 &1030 games. It makes us so proud as coaches, managers and the overall valleys community to see our boys play with such heart and team man ship. The skills our boys demonstrate each and every game makes for an entertaining game and involved spectators. Go the roosters.

Under 8 write up: In very foggy conditions to start the day our mighty under 8s took on Gatton in 3 well played games. What stood out was great team work and the boys congratulated each other on their efforts. Thanks to the boys that played 2 games and also to dads that helped out again- Dan, Karl, Shane and Joe. Thanks to Sarah (Tyler’s mum) for time keeping. Congratulations to Gatton on their awesome defense and great attack
Under 9’s -It was a day of team swapping and lots of sweat! After a foggy start to the day, it cleared nicely in time for the boys to play at 9.30 and 10.30. Due to a few injuries, we swapped a few of the boys around and mixed it up. Kearnu and Lucas enjoyed a run with Kevin’s team, and Lucas and Sam backed up to play a second game under Darren. Darren’s team went up 10 to 3, with Kev’s team matching with a victory of 7 to 6. Single tries went to Tae-Lyn, Brodie, Harrison, Rory, Lucas in the second game and Kayden. Doubles went to Eddie, Sam (2 in each game), Declan, Alex and Lucas in the first game. Tackler of the match should definitely go to Harry with a massive tackle count of 24! Lucas equalled that spread over the two games, and Sam wasn’t far behind with a count of 19 in total. Declan, Rory and Fabian weren’t far behind either. Overall the boys are showing great improvement, and we enjoy seeing them continue to grow and develop. A huge thank you to all the under 9’s parents who help out every week. Your help is invaluable. Also many thanks to the multitude of volunteers who make it happen every week.
Under 10’s-Rooster red The junior hawks swooped into the chookpen for an entertaining game making the roosters work hard. Great defense by bugsy,riccardo,Tom Danny O with great tries from Tom Ricardo and slinky. Keep up the good work coach Tim and staff Rooster Black- With the team working tirelessly in defense the boys looked good in attack topping the tackle count Luke and Nate. Good work to Jordell Tarrant leading the charge with a double for Tarrant and one for Luke good job. Coach Tim and staff

Under 11/12 dev cup – After a cold morning the day had warmed up a bit before our game. All the plays we’ve been working on are coming together well and will continue to improve in the next few weeks. Josh, Kevin & Justine.

Under 11s – With a thick fog to start off the day it was hard to see where everyone was at, but as the fog lifted we were able to see you were all fitting into the recent changes made. We will continue to work on these changes in the coming weeks. Daren, Kevin & Justine.
Under 12’s- Wow, what a foggy start to the game! The first half saw our Roosters try desperately to keep the Hawks away from the try line, but Gatton managed to score 3 unanswered tries. At the end of the first half, the score was 12-0 to the Gatton Hawks. In the second half of the game, the fog lifted and so did our Roosters’ spirits with Valleys managing to score a try. Unfortunately, the Hawks hit back hard with 4 more tries which sealed the win for them and the final score was 32-4 in favour of Gatton. Let’s hope the boys train hard and work together as a team and aim get a win against Oakey!
A big improvement from last week. We just need to learn to win and close a game out. Keep your heads up and keep working hard. Scott and Clemy

UNDER 16s v Gatton -What a difference a week makes. It was great to see the team playing as a team, and even though we were down a number of players you all pulled together to play some good footy to come away with the win. Thanks to Gatton for a great game, Craig and Vicki

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