Write ups against Valleys

Under 8’s – Tackling was definitely the boy’s strength this week with a massive tackle count from both games. Tries went to Harry Whittingham, Alex Lucock, Nicholas Hagan & Hayden Manning, with two tries apiece for Lucas Slater, Declan Reen and Kayden Wright. Well done to all the boys for another great day of football.

Under 9’s – The boys played well against both Gatton sides. Good to see they came up for a great game. Our boys were a bit off, maybe from the late start. Keep up the good work. Muggo and Huggy

Under 11’s – What a great game of junior rugby league this was, although we won Gatton kept coming at us all game and the defensive effort was terrific. A big thank you to Gatton for such a well fought out game. For Valleys as coach Ken said in the shed after it was your defence that won the game in the end boys, you listened to his talk at half time and the result was a well-deserved win, smiles all round from the coaching team look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Under 11/12 dev cup – Boys played well, few things we need to work on but that will come in time. Great to see the boys get out on the field for a bit of fun. And thanks to Gatton for a good game.
The U12’s took on Gatton at Valleys and what a great win it was for us. It was the result that we really needed after our last few games and we couldn’t be more proud. We have a plan at the moment that we wanted to bring into our game and we were going to use it against Gatton for the first time and it worked. Let’s continue to work on it boys and the positive results will definitely follow. Steve, Andrew, Wendy and Lou.

Under 13’s- Congratulations roosters on a well-played game. Good things take time. Great to see everyone rally behind their great captain Mitch. With all the boys having a contribution for a convincing win. Outstanding team effort. Rooster! Rooster! Rooster! Muggo and Huggy.

Under 13/14’s – Great game against Gatton Hawks. All the boys put in a great effort on Saturday. Thank you to the Under 13’s for staying back and playing in the Development side and the under 14’s for playing another game straight after your game. It’s good to see you all come together as a team boys. Great effort from Seb and Riley. Chris, Rohan, Tanya

Under 14’s – Great effort today boys with the score line not reflecting the outcome of the game. A much improved showing today boys with strong attacking and some solid defence. The new boys at the club showed some great effort in these areas. Great try to Caleb Baker. Great to see that you are all consistently turning up to training and putting in the hard yards. Chris, Rohan, Kylie Rooster and Bryce.

Under 15’s -This week we played Gatton in what turned out to be a good win for Valleys. We stuck to our game plan and completed our sets and our finishers had a very good day. I want to thank Gatton for not quitting just because times are tough and the teams you are playing all seem to be firing. The fact you turn up every week and give teams a game is very much appreciated. Your defence in the middle was great. We played most of our game through your middle and you guys got there and defended well. This defence in the guts though allowed us room out wide which we were good enough to capitalize on. Its easy to say keep at it. But you have good people at you club who care about you. And you have plenty of players there like Nathan Fisher, Joshua Chalker, Clinton Harch and Jack Brauer who you can build a great team around. Either way. Thanks for the game and good luck.
Under 16’s This week we played against Gatton in a physical game with some big forward clashes. It was our first game with a majority of players available and we worked hard to achieve a good victory, despite the game finishing early. The effort against a big pack was excellent and combinations will improve with time together at training and on the field. Some real promise shown fellas and further hard work at training will see continued improvement. Best of luck next weekend to Alex, Jack Murphy, Lachy, Cassius, Denzel, Patty O, Jack Doig and Zac at the Mustang Trials – do the Roosters proud boys, we know you will.

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