Weekly Team Write Ups V Brothers

Under 6’s

On Saturday valleys had our last game of round 1 at brothers, it was a nice morning for a game. U6’s has 3 games. All three teams should be proud they all done amazing and have made a lot of progress well done, I can’t wait for round two and watch your skills continue to grow.
Stand performance Toby well done you keep getting better every week great Job!

Under 7’s

The under 7’s are really coming together as a team. They played 2 great games against brothers at brothers home grounds. It is great to see the young roosters improving each week. Enjoy the break over the holidays and we look forward to seeing the Under 7’s back on the footy field next term.

Under 8’s

Field 1 – The last game before the break brought with it some beautiful winter weather! Our Roosters eager to get on the field with Nash leading the way scoring several tries. Callum showing great improvement with many good runs and hard tackles. Great off loads and backing up from all the kids also. Multiple try saving tackles and pulling Brothers over the sideline. Great job kids – enjoy the holidays!

Coach: Michael Wilkinson

Man of the Match – Callum Mailman

Player’s Player – Karter George

Field 2 – Today we played Brothers at their home ground. Our boys started hard with a few quick tries which saw Brothers bounce back well. Lawson and Cayleb leading the way up front and Caden making a few long range breaks. Our boys really need to work on communicating better on the field. We now have a few weeks off over school holidays. Enjoy your break guys!

Coach: Darren O’Neil

Man of the Match – Caden Yung

Player’s Player – Conor Gilberd

Field 3 – Some great weather for the last game before the mid-season break and the team really pulled it together. Some outstanding goal line defence from Quade, Jack and Jayden stopped a couple of certain tries. Nick made some strong tackles and some great cover from Max, Tyrese and Rianna helped keep Brothers out for most of the match. It’s really good to see the team starting to gel. I’m really looking forward to the second half of the season.

Coach: Charles Howe

Man of the Match – Jack Sharpe

Player’s Player – Max Carey

Under 9’s

This week the under 9’s had a scorching game against Brothers. We witnessed some outstanding defensive play from our usual suspects Cooper, Will, Kobe and Oscar. We also had Junior on the team this week, he showed us some of his impressive skills. I also have to mention Noah and Sam Giles for there great effort during the game. Good work to you all, see you after the holidays.

We played Brothers at Glenholme Park. The boys put in a good effort in playing 2 games in a row. We have some time off for school holidays so we can all come back raring to go. Best on the ground today were Mason, who’s efforts was great and played through injury and Tom put his body on the line the whole game. Jerome was really good also, with his trademark runs but also proving he can defend well too.


Under 10’s

We played brothers on Saturday in our last game before the holidays. The first game was a tough game, lead by Charlie Barnes defending really well against a big brothers side. In attack we are starting to get some good depth and running onto the ball well. In the second game we defended well when we moved up in a straight line. The attack in the second game was really good with Fatty Howard making some great runs. It’s good to see all the team improving on everything we are working on at training. Enjoy the holidays Roosters and we will see you in a few weeks.

Under 13’s

The second half curse? Week after week we come out firing and continue with great momentum in the first halves of our games. Unfortunately something goes awry after half time and we struggle to get back to the structures we know so well. Throughout the second halves though as with the first the constant positive encouragement within the entire team never tires and that’s what makes you boys a champion team.

Under 13/14 Dev. Cup

Our first presidents cup! Firstly congrats to the whole team on your hard work and dedication getting to this game. Once again we had a huge bench which is a difficult blessing to master. We played a hard fought game against a well matched brothers team and every player should be proud of their efforts as we couldn’t be prouder of you all. Congratulations to Brothers on the win and thank you for putting on a great day of footy.

Under 14’s

A good mate of mine came and watched our match. Here are his thoughts –

Your number 7 Koop I think tackled his butt off and then was busting a gut and as it got later in the game trying harder. There was a lot to like about No.17 Jackson?He was dangerous every touch.
The bloke at the back Dom? was your best I thought…straight and hard when it was needed. I liked the mongrel of the 11…(Cole) dunno his name…he stood up to several aggressive players…you know me I like that. And I liked the first hitup every time by the 10…( Jack ) he runs hard and makes good meters and plays the ball fast which gave the team room to move. That was my read. Oh and the little number 2 had a mixed day but a gutsy little dude.

I thought that was a great assessment.

Under 16’s

This week we played brothers @ brothers for our first Friday night game. The boys started well opening the scoring within the first few minutes. With handling errors and giving away penalties we let brothers come firing back with 3 tries. The boys finally got some possession and fire back with 2 quick tries going into half time up 16 to 18. The boys would not give up lead finishing the game 34 to 26. Congratulations to following players.


3 Tristan Klein

2 Nick Carrie
1 Nick Quinn

Have a good break and get ready to finish the season off well.








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