Hi Everyone, we hope you are enjoying your offseason.

We are planning on holding a training day for all Valleys Juniors this Sunday the 10th of November at the Valleys grounds. Details are as follows:

Under 7’s to under 12’s (mod rules) will train from 8.30 am to 9.30 am.

Under 13’s to under 16’s (international rules) will train from 10 am to

12 noon.

Players will be mixed up (i.e. younger age groups will include a mixture

of boys between 7 and 12 in each group, and older age group will include

a mixture of boys between 13 and 16 in each group) so the boys can mix

with others in the club and get to know each other.

Different coaches will take different training drills and the boys will

rotate through these.

Dean Bosnich (Valleys A Grade Coach and Club Coaching Director) and a

few senior players will oversee all drills and work with the coaches and


There will be a sausage sizzle at 12 o’clock.

Footy fun to be had by all.

The idea of the day is to give the players a chance to catch up during the offseason, as well as receiving some coaching. This is also a great chance for boys from different age groups to get to know each other and build some positive culture.

Parents are welcome/encouraged to stay and the day will be supervised by coaches and managers.

We will look to be finished and gone by 1pm.

If you are wanting to attend, please text Josh Allen (0404 575 330) the names and age groups of the players.

If successful we will look to hold these days monthly during the off season.

We hope to see you all on Sunday.

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