U14 Match Report 3 May

Very gritty effort. Was not our day in any area, and Dalby were great. Their forwards kept coming hard at us and we were falling off a few tackles we should be making. A few times there we looked to be getting on top, and then we’d lose our footing or push a pass. All of which I have no drama with because the more mistakes we make trying things, the better we will get. In the end some great play from Zac throwing a great pass to our champion winger, 2 try 2 conversion hero hero Drenzell, got us the lead. Dalby had a chance in the last minute to score, they had 3 attempts at barge overs but we held them out. We forced a mistake and held on. Nick FInnie was the difference for us. His enthusiasm and hard work in the second half helped get us back into the game. Was a win you can all be very proud of. Josh and Vicki.