Team Write Ups V Highfields

Under 6’s
Valleys under 6’s played Highfields on Saturday. They had 2 games. I have seen a lot of effort
put in by both sides but Valleys amaze me every game. They are starting to learn ball control &
are getting the concept of how tag is played. I’m proud to be their manager. Rissa

Under 7’s
Highfields came to us on Saturday, we had two games. First game the boys excelled in every
way it was a great first game back there defence was on point and they put the pressure on
Highfields through out the whole game. Well done boys, everyone of them played like team
players! Our second game was a good one it was there first game with the dummy half bib and
Jasmine done great wearing it, Jaxon’s tackling skill where out standing great mate and great
job both teams!

Under 9’s

Coach: Darren O’Neil
Great game back after the holiday break, team started well with a few tries and dominated the
defence throughout the game only letting in 2 sloppy tries at the end. Great team work today
with the ball beginning to spread wide all the way to the winger to put them in the corner several
times. Well done everyone!

Coach: David Carey
The kids were keen for their first game back after the break and started the game at full speed.
We saw good structured attack with solid runs from Jack and Unique. Quade brought back his signature intercept try, which the spectators loved. Maxy had a blinder of a game at marker, with
Jimmy putting on a great tackling display as captain. Overall the whole team played really well,
with some great teamwork on show.

Coach: Michael Wilkinson
Fantastic game by our under 9 Roosters against a very evenly matched up Highfields Eagles
team. With only 1 sub on the side line it was a great test for our little Roosters. We went try for try
for almost the whole match. The crowd was loving every minute of the evenly matched teams.
With a superb show from all the kids with massive runs, tackles and a hand full of tries. Plenty of
stepping and weaving as well. Some great off loads and backing up from all the kids. Both teams
looked excellent. The game was so evenly matched however Eagles got us by 1 try in the end.
Another great job Roosters everybody loved the show.

Under 10’s

How good is it that footy is back and what a nice day on Saturday. My little Roosters were well
rested and primed for some big games against Highfields, they played really well and are working
so hard in defence for each other so proud all, their hard work is paying off, our attack is improving week to week with some nice hard running and some beautiful back line moves. Bring on the
last half of the season. Go Roosters
Coach Dan

Under 11’s

On Saturday we took on the Highfields Eagles in 2 tough games of footy. In the first game our
young Roosters attacked and defended very well against a good Highfields side. In attack we were
led by our halfback Charlie Barnes and fullback Kaellan Duncan who had very strong running
games. In defense Boston Norton led the way with his usual tough defense. The second game was
also a great game with both sides scoring some great tries. It was also good to see some great defense from Caleb Baker and Hamish Cochrane. Overall it was a great day of footy and good to get
back into it after the break.

Under 12’s
Wow after being told we were playing the best team in Toowoomba on Saturday, didn’t our
boys put on a show. Scoring 7 tries and keeping the Highfields side try-less. A big congratulations
must go to our 2 Qld reps Braithen Scott and Ryan Johnson they play in the Australian Titles in August…. well done boys

11/12 Dev. Cup
The 11/12 DC played against Highfields this weekend. The boys played outstanding on Saturday.
They had some good runs and started working as a team. It’s was a enjoyable game.

Under 13’s
Great game by everyone today.
After a big break with holidays and a bye. We came back with a great effort.
We got the win with a good defensive effort and our attack followed on.

Under 14’s
The first 30 seconds of both halves Highfields came out to play and we did not. We made some
errors which we see in higher level games every week and that’s ok. Making up for the errors is
where we thrive! We needed to lift today we were missing players through injury and illness and
lift we did. You boys are inspirational some of us didn’t have our best games which is also ok this
will happen everyone will not play at 100% every game, some of us took on players with confidence we’ve never had before and some of us played every position possible. All in all the score
line does not reflect how close this game really was. Highfields are well drilled excellent competitors to play against and we thank them for a great hit out.

Under 15’s
The boys came out hard & fast in the first half, they really worked hard for each unfortunately
there were some mistakes in the second half which lead to us going down 16-14 in the last minute, Tries go to Jordain, Kooper & Jake with Dom getting 1 conversation. Izzy & Zack had a
cracker of a game, It was so good having Reuben back on the field.
Thanks Josh and Barb

Under 16’s
As expected, we had a hard, physical game against Highfields. Although we didn’t get the win, we
were competitive, maintained our discipline and lost due to our mistakes that Highfields were
able to capitalise on. We certainly aren’t the biggest team on the field but we really do have the
biggest hearts!


Boys – 27th July
v Dalby @ Dalby

Girls – 26th July
v Gatton @ Valleys

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