Team Write Ups for Carnivals 11th May

Under 6’s

The under 6’s travelled out to Oakey. The little roosters had a big day and had great time playing.

Under 7’s

U7’s had there carnival at Oakey on Saturday, we had 7 games all up everyone played in 46 games massive day for little people! But they done a great job and never gave up, great tackle’s and some great running, the more tired they got the better they where. Thomas had an outstanding day all round in everything he done he gave it 110% well done mate we are all proud of you! Great work champs

Under 10’s

Had our carnival today 6 games in total the guys started a bit slow in the freezing cold but soon found there groove and started working together in defence and attack I’m super proud of our defence has come along way since the first game I was impressed with how they handled themselves and the respect they showed for other clubs it’s going to be another fantastic year and we only just lost the relay coming 2 by a whisker thanks for a great day guys see you all Tuesday

Under 11’s

Write up from under 11’s mod carnival: Thanks to Dalby and Highfields for 2 great games. Well done to the young roosters on some great try line defense and awesome ball movement in the first game. The boys were a little bit flat in the second game, but that is carnival footy. Great sportsmanship by the boys today, clapping on the other teams after their games. Special mention to Tyler R and Braxton for helping Dalby out today when they were short on players.

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