Team Write Ups 28th July

Under 6’s

We went to Dalby on Saturday thank you to those who travelled The U6’s got a full game each no resting while Dalby had quite a few Subs. Having said that they should be proud the team I took pushed through until the end, stand out Patrick S he just kept running he was in nearly all the tackles, a few great tackles by Patrick and Thomas working as a team and running with each other and the team mates showing support. Coach Micheal helped with the team thank you he said the boys played well, a few mum’s I spoke to said how proud I would of been, they showed great sportsmanship being up against a rough team! And I am very proud little roosters Bentley, Derrilin, Hunter, Boston and Patrick F great game of footy boys. All of the U6’s are off loading the ball, they have team mates there to help tackling has been on point 4 more games to go and they are smashing it!

Under 7’s

The Under 7 Valleys travelled out to Dalby on the weekend to play Dalby Under 7’s. We had 2 games playing at the same time so thanks to Dalby for helping out with players given we were short at first. The Valley’s teams played so well. Our little footy players are really starting to use what they practice at training in their game. There was some really great tackles, breaks, runs and tries made by the kids. Also coach Tim would be really proud to see that his young roosters are really starting to work together as a team by offloading the ball when they can and helping each other out in defence.

Under 8’s

Game 1 – Valleys v Dalby (at Dalby)

Dalby turned on a beautiful morning for football and the kids were keen to get going. A big thank you to Caden, Cayleb, Frank and Lawson for helping out with numbers and the parents that made the early morning trip. The kids had fantastic game, strong in both defence and attack. Each week we see their teamwork improve, and it was awesome to see how well different players are able to slot into the team. Rianna had some great hit ups, Nick and Quade were quick in defence and Max, Cayleb and Jack making some great break away metres. Great to see the kids enjoying their footy.

Coach: David Carey (in lieu of Charles Howe)

Man of the Match – Caden Yung

Player’s Player – Rianna Gibbs

Game 2 – Valleys v Dalby (at Dalby)

Our little Valley troops played one of their best games yet. Dominating the game and completing each set. With many tries scored from our fast paced

Valleys straight up the middle and Callum, Karter and Jannali scoring like true wingers. So proud of the team, they are improving more and more each week.

Coach: Michael Wilkinson

Man of the Match – Karter George

Players’ Player – Callum Mailman

Game 3 – Valleys v Dalby (at Dalby)

Today our boys took on a very strong Dalby side which made our boys work hard in defence. Our boys have come a long way since round one and turned into a really competitive side. Keep up the good work.

Coach: Darren O’Neil

Man of the Match – Lawson Slater

Player’s Player – Frank Jones

Under 9’s

We had a great game of footy against Dalby on warm winters day. I was really proud of the way the whole team played today. They were looking for support, moving together in defence and helping each other out. Lincoln Brunner was very busy, Jerome chased anything that moved and Hunter was strong in attack and defence. The boys had an outstanding game today, Dalby was a very close and hard fought game our defence was next level and our attack is improving every game looking forward to a strong finish for the rest of the season

Under 10’s

On Saturday we traveled out to Dalby for 2 tough games of footy. In the first game it took us awhile to get going but once we started to move up in defense we went a lot better. The boys are starting to run onto the ball well and support each in attack. In the second game we started well with some good defense against a big Dalby side. We need to continue moving up well and start using our shoulder a bit more and we will go even better. Our attack in the second game was also good with the boys putting a few passes together for some good tries. Keep up the good work boys.

Under 13’s

In the mid winter heat we started well against the well drilled Dalby team. We displayed some amazing effort which unfortunately the final score didn’t reflect. We need to remember when we are behind we just need to play our structures with the greatest enthusiasm and defend with our best efforts. The improvement throughout each and every player this year has been fantastic. What we continue to learn at training and do so well will eventually come into fruition. Thanks boys for keeping your heads up and Dalby for a hard fought game.

Under 13/14 Dev. Cup

We made some big changes this week but the way we all came together is what makes us proud to coach you boys. Having never trained together everyone still knows what they need to do and when. The efforts in defence and attack as well the teamwork was outstanding. Thank you to Clemy for stepping in this week as coach 1/1!

Under 14’s

Was a great game of under 14s at Dalby. Boys come away with a good win 36 to 30. Dalby scored 24 points in the last 20 minutes of the match to put us under some great pressure and we were lucky to get away with the win. Great game by Jacob Robinson , Yarran Willis Duncan in trying to implement the game plan and special mention to Sela and Jack for there great performance. Moving forward I know where we are at, and what we need to do, and I’m looking forward to our run to the finals.


Youth Cup

Today, our fearless Valleys U15/U16 Youth Cup team took on a courageous Dalby U15/U16 Youth Cup team at the Devils home ground, and what a fantastic game it was!

Although most of our Roosters had already played in the U16 Premier game beforehand, our gutsy Valleys Youth Cup team came out strong and kept the fresh Dalby Youth Cup team on their toes. It was fantastic to see our team putting their training into practice on the field, and even though our Roosters were weary, struggling with the heat and had no reserves, they continued to play with passion. Even though Valleys need to work on their line defence, our Youth Cup team should be extremely proud of their endeavours today!

In the end it was a draw, with both teams scoring 22 points. Valleys tries going to Shannon Snelling (2), Thomas Hatch and Tyrell Tuitoga, with successful conversions to Shannon Snelling (3).

Thanks for an awe-inspiring game boys and we’ll see you all at training on Tuesday.

Jack and Sam



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