Team Write Up 19th May 2018 v Dalby

Under 10’s
This weekend we welcomed Dalby to the chook pen. We had 2 good hard fought games in the age group. In the first game we attached really well with Hayden Delaney linking with Charlie Barnes for some great tries. Our defence continues to improve with some great tackles led by 2 of our Tylers, Robinson and Barton really leading the way. In the second game the attack was led by a couple of good tries by Jake Eyles and some great runs by Emily Gill. And the defence was also good with the boys moving up in a straight line and some great tackles by the team with our little axe Boston Norton make a few beauties. If we keep working hard at training I’m sure we will continue with the improvements. Keep up the good work boys.
Players of the match
Game 1
Tyler Barton and Toby Hynes
Game 2
Jake Eyles and Kye Turner