Presidents Welcome to 2014 Season

Welcome guys to another big year of Rugby League.

Our club has again grown in numbers and I notice a real feeling of excitement and anticipation for what this year has ahead for the Valleys Juniors Rugby League Club.

The competition is very strong and most clubs will have similar numbers to ours, meaning all players will get plenty of game time.

I will let it be known now that some clubs in the competition do not have massive numbers and can only field one team in some age groups from under 10 down.

As we have 2 and in come cases enough for 3 teams this may mean some weekends players get limited game times. This is unavoidable. However please note, as President I will work to get other teams with big numbers to come play us if they too are playing a club with smaller team numbers. It may mean your child plays the same team 5 or 6 times in a season. But I am grateful we can get the extra games and would play them 20 times a season if that was all we could get.

We need to note that some clubs also do not have Development Cup Teams. Again, this may mean kids miss games on the weekend. With the TJRL rule that Premier League teams only have 17, this will be unavoidable. But again I will chase games for these teams. This is just a heads up to keep you informed.

Please don’t worry, because I assure you that we will doing everything possible to ensure our players play every round where possible. Communication is the key to a successful club, and if you or anyone from your team has a question please feel free to approach one of our committee members, your team coach or manager, we are all working together to make our club the best it can be.

Can I also say a massive thank you to our coaches. I have been flooded with compliments as to how professional the place looks with all coaches having drills set up, all having a plan , and all doing a great job.

Finally, the club has invoked a strict Code of Conduct. Parents are not to talk to the coach on game days, please direct any questions to the team Manager. A lot of effort and mental power goes into game day and our coaches do their best to ensure your child gets game time. Any abuse will not be tolerated and bans will be imposed on your attendance at Valleys. These cases more often than not will also be sent to the TJRL Judiciary for further sanction.

We are a Family club, that will not accept bad or behavior deemed unacceptable by the NRL code of conduct. Come to the footy, sit down, have a chicken chips n gravy and a diet coke…. enjoy your child playing and support your club where possible.

Finally, when the draw comes out, it will have us down as having a BYE in the second round. Gatton have contacted us and we have agreed to Travel and play Gatton in all grades on the 22 March. Gatton have similar numbers so there will be plenty of footy on offer for our players.
Josh Allen – President


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