Help Needed This Saturday


It’s a home game for us this Saturday which means there’s plenty of jobs.

The more helpers the less work we all have to do.

IMPORTANT – we must have a duty official for each team when they are on the field. Each team has a duty official vest in their jersey bag. We need to provide an official at both home and away games. Please see your coach or manager before your child’s game on Saturday.


We will need time keepers on the back oval for the under 7s, 8s, 11s, 10s, and 9s games. It’s not a hard job but it is vital, without time keepers we cannot start the games. Please see our Back Oval First Aid Officer, Tony Ware if you can assist. Tony will be wearing the blue FAO shirt.


We need 2 youngsters to act as ball kids for all games from under 11s up. You need to put your name down upstairs at the broadcast box.

Under 7 and 8 parents – we will need a hand to put up the goal posts and mark out the fields, this is done at 8am.

Under 11 parents – we need you to help pull down the goal posts and re set the field for your second game on the back field

Under 10 parents – we will need a hand to set up the field markers for your game on the back oval after the 11s

Under 9 parents – we will need you to collect the field markers at the end of your second game on the back oval.

We also ask that all teams offer to help out in the canteen. All we need is half an hour before or after your child’s game. Just ask the canteen helpers if they need a hand.

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