FAO Course- all Blue Shirt First Aid Officers Must Attend


Chris McEwan will be conducting an FAO (first Aid) transition course on the Wed the 26th and Thursday the 27th of March for any person who requires Updating to the new National standard FAO qualification. The course will be run over 2 evenings at the Brothers Rugby League Club. The course will commence at 5.30pm.

Please note: Any person that held a ARL FAO qualification from last year are required to complete this course. The cost is $25.00 and you must register and pay on line. This is for any person who has more than 12 month’s left on their qualification.

If you are due for reaccreditation within the next 12 months you need to contact Chris re reaccreditation on 0427 165 910 . There is another course required for this and it will include the Transition course.

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