Development Cup Explained


Development Cup is in its 4th year as part of the TJRL competition. Prior to its inclusion in our competition , the structure of the competition was very different. Under 11 did not have finals and there was only one game per age group from under 12s up. Some clubs did organize 10 a side teams, but the focus was on ONE team in each of the Age Groups.

This meant some sides would have 25 players signed up and only have 1 game of footy for all players to get a run. Given they were playing for premierships, developing players were not getting game time as the focus was heavily on winning.

What occurred is players who were not getting game time were leaving the sport. It was unfair that they train and then not get game time.

To combat this the TJRL introduced the Development Cup. The basis of the competition was to make it a competitive competition for developing players.

So, the following decision was made that

1. Each club will have a PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM IN Under 11 to Under 16. Each weekend they must name and only play 17 players.

2. Of that side the Coach will name a Core 8 players. Those players will not be available to play Development Cup.
If that side were to have 11 players deemed by the coach a CORE 8 player as in ability, they too should not be used in Development Cup.

3. Development Cup is a combined Age Group. Under 11/12 and under 13/14.

We have 33 under 11 players this year and 17 under 12 players so far. This means the majority of players in the development cup for Valleys will be Under 11s in the 11/12 age group.

Our Under 13s and 14s have similar numbers and will be a mix.

Our goal is to Coach the kids to the best of our ability, and help them learn to play Rugby League. The development cup is a great way for kids to learn to play. As a club, what side your child plays in does not matter. What matters is they are playing. We need to support all our teams.

Jordan Drew, who is now signed to the Brisbane Broncos and was part of their 9 a side comp in Auckland stated at our Presentation Day that he played in the 10 a side comp and not in Top 17 when he was at Valleys in under 13s, which goes to show that all players develop their skills at different times and through hard work, determination and a love for the game you can reach your goals.

I have supported Development Cup heavily since its inception as Kids must be playing League.

If you have any concerns or questions please see any of the Committee or your coaches. While Steve Manteit will be the coach of 11/12 Development Cup team, Guy Berry will be in charge on game days and during games. Todd Morgan and Myself will be doing the 13/14 sides.


Josh Allen – President and Under 14s Coach

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