Coaches Must Read

Please note the new reaccreditation process for coaching.

This is for any person who is currently coaching or looking to become a coach.

Your certificate has an expiry date. Up until this year it was 4 years. But going forward to maintain your accreditation you will be required to attend regular updates.

Minimum requirement is 1 hour per year. Once you attend an update of 1 hour per year your accreditation will be renewed for 12 months.

New Process:

A number of coaching updates will be loaded online www.playrugbyleague.com.au

Each coach will be required to register on line and attend the course update.


You must attend the required components and your accreditation will be renewed.

This will also be a requirement for anyone who does a coaching course, you will need to attend updates to be signed off as a coach as well.

So for anyone who requires reaccreditation now Chris McEwan will be logging dates soon and forwarding out to us. You will need to register and complete the updates.

This all new to all of us. Thank you for your understanding. Any questions please contact Chris on 0427 165 910.

For any coach who has not been assessed and signed off from last year or further please contact Chris and he will get that completed ASAP.

Chris will need your name and club so he can complete quickly. It is up to you to contact him so he can help.

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