imageCoca Cola have a great relationship with our senior club and Valleys seniors President Gary de Joux. To show their appreciation of that relationship and to say thanks, Coca Cola and our seniors are inviting 5 of our junior players to attend the Broncos v Tigers game as their special guests.

The game is on Sunday 19 July.

Players must be from any team from Under 7s to Under 12s and there will be a ticket for the player and a parent.

This is fantastic but there’s MORE….those 5 players will also run out with the Broncos when they take the field prior to kick off….wahoo!

Like everything we do at Valleys we will make sure everyone gets an equal chance. All registered players names from 7s to 12s will go into a draw. This draw will take place on Tuesday 7 July at the clubhouse.

5 names will be drawn out and those players will be contacted straight away to make sure they are able to attend. If any are unable to participate the committee will draw another name until we have 5 confirmed participants.

Once the 5 are confirmed we will post the names on our Facebook page and club website.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Coca Cola, Valleys Seniors and seniors President Gary de Joux for this fantastic opportunity. Go Roosters!












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