To all parents Valleys players. It is just after half way through the season and our club is in a very good place. We have a few people working very hard to ensure each week your children get to.play Rugby League in a very competitive competition. It is very important you all remember though that the entire club is run by volunteers. President Secretary Vice President Treasurer Publicity and all coaches managers all donate their time to ensure your children can learn and play rugby league. I’m the first to acknowledge that we do expect more from volunteers these days and as a club we expect everybody doing their role work hard to improve to ensure we do a good job. If your unhappy with anything regarding teams, see the team manager. If it’s club come see myself Garry or Vicki. But the other big thing is we are needing more parents to buy into the club and help us. Please can all parents think seriously about how and what they can do for club going forward. We are building magnificently but would benefit from more people getting involved. Please contact me if you want to help. Thanks. Josh Allen

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