2018 Coaches

Congratulations to our Coaches who have been selected. Looking forward to a great season in 2018!

The 2018 Coaches are :-

Under 7’s                                             Tim Muggleton

Under 8’s                                             Darren O’Neil

Under 9’s                                             Daniel Foulds

Under 10’s                                           Kenny Diment

Under 11’s                                            Bryce Tobin

Under 12’s                                           Darren Slater, Steven Robinson

Under 11/12’s Development Cup    Combinations for all three coaches & managers

Under 13’s                                           Robert Fenwick

Under 14’s                                           Josh Allen

Under 13/14’s Development Cup   Josh Hill

Under 15’s                                           Scott Brunner, Jack Dempsey

Under 16’s                                           Ryan Stevens




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